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Covid 19 response

We are aware that repairs to your vehicle may not be your first thoughts in the current climate, however we are releasing this statement to advise all our clients that we are taking steps to still provide all our services but foremost to safeguard our clients and employees against the spread of COVID-19.

As part of our action plan the following measures have been implemented;

  1. Early and timely procurement of essential anti-bacterial products distributed throughout the business.

  2. Restriction of employee traveling to and attendance of industry meetings, training and conferences.

  3. Increased regularity of cleaning and disinfection of surfaces such as, door handles, phones, desks and all surfaces in our reception area.

  4. Disinfection of vehicle interior surfaces and outer door handles, pre and post repair.

  5. Introduction of informative posters and notices to reinforce good practise with washing your hands and cleanliness.

  6. Reduction of off-site assessments to an only if essential policy.

  7. Introduction of a “No handshake” policy across all of the business and maintaining social distancing.

  8. Contactless drop-off and collection service for vehicles.


We are adhering to all advice provided by the World Health Organisation, UK Government and NHS and will continue to do so, following developments daily.

We are also reliant upon our suppliers who may also be affected by the current pandemic. They are trying their best to deliver parts and consumables as per normal but delays may occur which will have a knock on effect upon our services.

We would like to advise anyone visiting that we are taking all proactive precautionary measures to reduce the spread of the virus and as such, maintaining the social distancing and cleaning your hands on arrival.

To assist us and to mitigate any threat to our staff, our customers and our business we ask that you inform us prior to your visit. We may then discuss the best way to manage your requirements.

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